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Savonnerie Rugs and Carpets

'Savon' is the French word for soap and 'Savonnerie' is the word for a 'soap factory'. 

An old soap factory on the outskirts of Paris gave it's name to a large number of European carpets which were made originally for those magnificent French palaces whose names are synonymous with ultimate regal luxury: The palaces at Versailles and The Louvre, for example. 

These carpets were hand knotted on vertical looms and used knots learnt from the ancient manufacture of 'Turkey' carpets.  They have a cut 'pile' and distinctive designs that are known by the generic word: 'Savonnerie', often with a central panel, the medallion and a number of classical and ornate borders.

Craigie Stockwell were one of the first hand made carpet specialists to relaunch Savonnerie styles in contemporary drawing and colours and they are continually creating new versions of these beautiful carpets through their London based design studio.

A modern interpretation of a Savonnerie carpet by Craigie Stockwell


An 'Empire" style rug created by Rob Holmes


This Savonnerie style carpet was tailored for the special shaped area in the lounge of this splendid Nash mansion in Regent's Park.



Reproduction of a Savonnerie carpet for the private Dining Room at Chatsworth House.










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